Is your workplace working?
Does it inspire creativity?
Is it meeting your business needs?

WiseWork lowers costs

Employees stressed out?
Is productivity suffering?
Keeping up with the competition?

WiseWork reduces absenteeism

Losing skilled staff?
Not meeting their expectations?
Are they asking to work differently?

WiseWork improves retention

"WiseWork is a strategic approach to work that meets the challenges of the Digital Age and the expectations of today’s workforce."
Peter Thomson

WiseWork is a way of creating a productive and engaged workforce

Do you need to attract and retain the best people for your business to succeed? Would you like your working environment to encourage people to use their talents? Could your organisation make better use of mobile technologies? If so, you will benefit from WiseWork.

Here are some of the reasons for you to adopt WiseWork for your organisation:

There are many more reasons in our “A to Z guide to Why Wisework?”.

The WiseWork approach is to create a working culture where people are rewarded for their contribution and trusted to manage their own work patterns. It differs from other flexible working schemes by building on some fundamental principles about work design. These are used by experienced consultants to help you create an efficient and effective workforce, contributing to your business success.

WiseWork offers:


Peter Thomson and the Wisework Partners speak at many events, large and small, tailoring their content to meet the audience requirements. Peter has spoken in person at international events and also participated over video. Find out more about speaking topics.


Writing is one of the main communications channels for Peter and the Wisework Partners to share their views on the Future of Work and the thinking behind WiseWork services. Peter regularly blogs and is the author of two books with another two in the pipeline. Find out more about his writing.


WiseWork advisory services are delivered by Peter or by selected Partners and are designed to deliver improved business performance and increased employee satisfaction. A set of tools underpin the consulting, training and coaching offerings.. Find out more about WiseWork services.

Wisework people

Peter Thomson …


… is a recognised expert in the way work is evolving in the digital age, and the co-author of “Future Work” a best-selling book. After an HR career in IT, he ran the Future Work Forum at Henley Business School and now speaks, writes and advises in this field.

Peter developed the Wisework methodology based on his years of experience researching the subject and working with clients.

Wisework Partners


…deliver services to clients based on the WiseWork methodology. They are experts in their own fields and support the principles behind the WiseWork tools and processes.

They form a network of colleagues who share ideas and collaborate on client work, applying a broad cross-section of experience to improve business performance.

Find out more about the Wisework partners.


Wisework in action
examples of previous work

Business relocation

A project to support the introduction of the new, much more flexible ways of working required by a business relocation.

Audit of practice

The National Audit Office recruits staff in competition with the major accountancy firms and needs to provide conditions of employment that allow it to attract and retain qualified staff.

Kickstart with the top team

A short, concentrated workshop led to plans to change culture, the identification of the best places to start and tangible benefits that could be achieved.

Agile working in housing

County Durham Housing Group (CDHG) is one of the largest housing associations in the north east of England covering 862 square miles.

Next generation working

Local Government Shared Services (LGSS) provide services to Northamptonshire and Cambridgeshire County Councils as well as a number of smaller clients.

Modern Working in Cornwall Council

The merger of the district and county councils in 2009 to create Cornwall Council presented many opportunities to rationalise services and review their building estate.


Peter Thomson is a fluid, dynamic speaker and has vast experience in the area of the future of work. He communicates his insights with passion and clarity and was a great asset launching our book “Reinventing the Company in the Digital Age” at Harvard.

Keith Godfrey

Senior Analyst, BBVA

Peter did a great job of chairing our two day Engagement Summit, starting with a keynote presentation and using his wealth of knowledge to link together the speakers in an informative and entertaining way.

Peter Marshall

Event Director, Syncota Ltd

Peter ran a  workshop with our senior management to make them more aware of the changing world of work. His expert knowledge and presentation skills helped us to engage managers in our Worksmart programme.

Alison Ford

Workforce Development Advisor, London Borough of Hounslow

Conquering Digital Overload is a very important book that should act as a wake up call to all organizations and individuals about the dangers of digital overload and the need to design working practices that allow us to unplug

Professor Eric Cornuel

Director General and CEO, EFMD

Future Work is a book that provides an invaluable guide to the kind of transformational leadership that will be necessary to make the best of all that this new world of work has to offer.

Dave Coplin

Chief Envisioning Officer, Microsoft UK

Thought-provoking and motivating, Future Work is a comprehensive guide to how organizations and their leaders can embrace the new world of work. The insight provided has been a useful tool in our journey towards enabling our employees to own the way they work.

David Cole

Chief Risk Officer, Swiss Re

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