Implementing the WiseWork methodology involves a fundamental review of working practices. It is based on a set of principles that are designed to create a highly productive workforce at the same time as helping individuals to manage a balanced life and lower some of the stresses associated with modern working life. In theory the WiseWork principles could be adopted by any organisation with a suitably motivated leadership. In practice it is difficult to challenge long-established work methods from within any enterprise and an external facilitator is needed as a catalyst.

The specialists who deliver WiseWork advisory services can take you through a proven process of change. They will help you to establish the values and beliefs that underly your culture and relate these to the way people work. This is done through workshops with senior management to identify the desired working practices, followed by a programme of change throughout the organisation. This often involves training sessions for managers to ensure they are prepared for the new working practices and supportive of the changes involved.

We like to work closely with the people inside your business who are driving the change and will have to support it when we have left. Typically this will be the HR function or perhaps a specialisation such as OD or L&D. We encourage the involvement of Facilities Management and the IT department in running any project. WiseWork is a combination of People, Workplace and Technology and they need to be integrated into one programme.

Whist we have an established set of tools to apply to our clients, we recognise that every one is unique. WiseWork is not a rigid work method applied to everyone. It is a way of redesigning work to meet business goals in the most effective way. Contact us to talk some more about your situation and we will see if we can help.