WiseWork lowers costs

Is your workspace providing value for money? Does it inspire people to be creative? Is it meeting your changing needs?

Many employees find the modern open-plan office a poor working environment. Often we hear them say “If I want to get anything done I stay at home”. Now that technology allows ‘desk work’ to be done anywhere, what is the workspace for?

Have you already tried some desk-sharing and found it doesn’t work? Are you looking to save space but are struggling to work out how? Is the workspace supporting flexible working practices?

Just redesigning the space doesn’t solve the problem. You need to redesign the working practices to keep pace with the changes in technology and create an engaging environment. This in turn challenges some traditional management attitudes to their staff.

WiseWork is an approach to work design that incorporates modern management practices, with effective use of technology and provision of appropriate workspace. We deliver this by reviewing your use of technology, people and space to achieve your goals. We help you to create a productive environment where people are highly engaged and are able to work in a way that maximises their contribution.

To find out more about how WiseWork can help you save money on buildings and other costs of employment, get in touch now by phone or email.