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Top 10 tips from Wisework on managing home workers

There are many aspects of managing home workers that contribute to successful outcomes. We have put together the top 10 that we always emphasise to managers. As managers and home workers get to grips with the challenges of the coronavirus emergency these aspects become absolutely essential. But many will need to be approached sensitively, taking into consideration the often less than ideal circumstances of ’emergency’ home working.

Why WiseWork? – an A to Z guide

There are many good reasons for adopting WiseWork. We have picked 26 of them and lined them up with the alphabet in an ’A to Z’ guide. Download the guide to see the benefits of WiseWork

Working at Home – the Productivity Tool of the Future

This report is based on a survey of home workers carried out by Peter Thomson for the Telework Association. It shows major increases in productivity compared with working in conventional workplaces. Download free here

A Brief Guide to Flexible Working

This guide was produced by Wisework as part of the government’s Nomad Project to help spread the understanding of flexible and remote working. It provides a general overview of the benefits and gives advice on implementation. Download free here