WiseWork attracts talent

Having problems attracting talent? Suffering from overstretched employees? Losing people to the competition?

In today’s competitive labour market people with talent can afford to be choosy about where they work. They are not going to join a company that has outdated working practices or a controlling management culture. Young people in particular expect to be trusted to make their own decisions about how they work and not be treated like children.

Is your organisation taking advantage of the wide pool of talent that does not want full-time permanent employment? Are you willing to fit work patterns around individuals’ personal priorities? If not, you are missing out.

WiseWork is an approach to work design that starts from some fundamental beliefs about people. It assumes they can be trusted to make decisions about how they get their work done and doesn’t insist they stick to a rigid regime. It results in improved productivity because people are working when they are at their best and not forced to fit into a fixed pattern.

This can be a challenge for management, because they have to trust their people and let go from standing over them to check their work. It means rewarding people on results and not on the hours they work. It involves understanding people as individuals and treating them as such, not trying to fit them into a corporate straight-jacket.

Wisework’s advisory services help managers to adapt to this new world of work through workshops, training programmes and individual coaching. These services are delivered by carefully selected consultants combining their own experience with the WiseWork methodology and tools.

To find out more about how WiseWork can help you attract and retain the best talent, get in touch now by phone or email.