WiseWork makes organisations more agile

Are you able to adapt quickly enough to changing market conditions? Do you need your workforce to be more flexible to match business demands? Are your people resistant to change?

Whatever sector your organisation is in, you can’t be immune from change. Digital mobile technology has revolutionised many areas of work and we have yet to see the impact of new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence. Social attitudes to work have changed and people now expect much more freedom to choose how they work.

We are seeing the rise of self-employment in the ‘gig economy’ and the use of ‘just-in-time’ labour to get work done. Mobile based platforms such as Uber are replacing conventional organisations. Social media are helping people to collaborate without having to meet in person.

To adapt to this changing world you need an agile workforce and a culture that supports individual freedom. The old fixed working patterns are out and flexibility is in. But this cannot be achieved by a change of policy or rewriting the rules. It has to be driven by a change of behaviour from senior management, showing genuine empowerment of their staff.

The WiseWork approach is to understand the values and beliefs that underlie an organisation’s culture and establish working practices based on them. There is no point in trying to implement new ways of working if they are counter to the prevailing culture. So, for example, a manager may profess to be happy with delegation of power to individuals but when it comes to allowing them freedom to choose where they work, he/she reverts to a controlling style of management.

Management education is a key part of the WiseWork service. Through workshops and training sessions we help you to get managers up to speed on engaging employees in this new environment. We can help with coaching individual leaders and advising project teams on the implementation of new working practices.

To find out more about how WiseWork can help your organisation keep up with a changing world, get in touch now by phone or email.