Conquering Digital Overload

Today’s technology has revolutionized work patterns. We now work anywhere and any time and have become addicted to smart devices. Organizations have allowed this to happen without thinking through the implications for the workforce. The result is a long-hours, low productivity, stressful, unhealthy work culture. This book gathers together the views of over 15 experts from the Future Work Forum on how to solve this problem. The result is a wake-up call for leaders, showing how they have to change their behavior if they want to maintain an engaged workforce. It shows how traditional approaches to leadership are outdated in the digital age and shows a way forward to use technology to empower people not enslave them. See how Conquering Digital Overload proves that the technology is not the problem, it’s outdated organizational cultures, and identifies that the solution is in the hands of the leaders not the technologists.

Future Work 

Having spent most of my life observing and studying the evolution of work, I was thrilled to be able to team up with Alison Maitland in 2011 and publish “Future Work”. This gave me the opportunity to share my ideas about the revolution in working practices that is now happening and the impact this is having on organizations and their leadership.

So, whether you are a manager wanting to learn more about the impact on your job or you are an employee trying to understand the changes happening around you, “Future Work” has the answer. The first edition of the book proved so popular that the publishers asked us to do an updated version for 2014. They describe it as ‘an international best-seller’ and ‘critically acclaimed’, but I would just call it a fascinating and thought provoking read.

Find out more about how Future Work covers the latest developments transforming the world of work on its dedicated web section. There you will find videos from myself and Alison, lots of positive comments and a list of the media coverage we’ve had. Although it’s called “Future Work” its very much about the present. It’s stacked full of case studies of leading organisations that are already revolutionising the way their people work, and gaining the business benefits. But the best way for you to find out what it’s about is to buy a copy today – it’s available on Amazon in hardback and Kindle format.