Next generation working

NEXT GENERATION WORKING : Building agility in local authorities

The Challenge

Local Government Shared Services (LGSS) provide services to Northamptonshire and Cambridgeshire County Councils as well as a number of smaller clients. Wisework won the competitive bid to provide support to the two County Councils in a transition to “Next Generation Working”.

Both County Councils shared the same significant driver- the need to maintain and improve performance against a background of demanding cost cuts. But there were cultural and operational differences that required sensitivity and flexibility of approach. Cambridgeshire had a demanding short-term need caused by the closure of a building and the consequent transfer of a large number of staff to a much smaller space. Northamptonshire, in contrast, were moving towards a building rationalisation and construction of a new building complex for completion in 2016.

The Solution

In response to these needs we:

  • Designed and delivered workshops for Cambridgeshire CC to a very tight timescale to help prepare managers to deal with the move by enhancing their skills to operate more flexibly and maintain morale in the process.
  • Supported the LGSS training team to deliver “Next Generation Training” for managers. This involved both Subject Matter Expert training and support for delivery.
  • Provided support for the project manager in building engagement with stakeholders.
  • Designed Master Classes on new ways of working for Senior Managers
  • Built an Ambassador programme ranging through designing the role, the specification for those selected and the ongoing operation.
  • Led a major Launch event for Ambassadors, intended to enthuse and value them as well as equip them to make progress.
  • Developed a toolkit to help managers and Ambassadors operate in the new way.
  • Created a Team Charter tool and process to enable teams to agree the impact of their new ways of working, recognise the benefits and sustain them for the long run.