WiseWork improves engagement

Are your employees fully engaged in their work? Do they work in the most productive way? Are they combining a satisfying work experience with a balanced home life?

Like any organisation, your success is dependent on having a productive workforce. This means having employees who feel challenged and motivated rather than bored with the daily routine. It means a leadership team that inspires people to follow and encourages individual initiative.

Engagement is the product of a positive work culture that trusts and empowers the individual. It comes from managers who treat their people as individual humans and not just cogs in a machine. Yet our experience is that many organisations are struggling to engage employees and don’t understand why.

The WiseWork approach is to genuinely empower people by allowing them to choose how they get their work done. It’s not a rigid way of working or a fixed process, it’s a set of principles that can be applied to work design. When implemented by trained managers it provides staff with an environment in which they can work productively and be rewarded for their contribution.

We have had flexible working for many years now and there is evidence to say it’s take-up has stalled over the last few years. Some employers have experimented with “Agile” working and “Smart” working. But all of these work patterns start from the assumption that work has to be done by an employee at a fixed location within set hours. Then there is some flexibility added to this. WiseWork is based on the premise that work can be performed anywhere at any time and is only constrained back to a fixed pattern where the nature of the work demands it.

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