Wisework has provided consultancy services over the last twenty years, helping many organisations to introduce new ways of working. Based on this experience we have developed some new offerings under the WiseWork brand. They are all founded on a set of principles devised by Peter Thomson that constitute the WiseWork approach.

The WiseWork principles build on the current CIPD approach to ‘Good Work’. According to CIPD Chief Executive, Peter Cheese, too often employers take a deterministic view of their people, as though they are bad robots that need to be constantly monitored and controlled. That culture of comply and obey, Cheese argues, erodes trust and initiative while fuelling stress and disengagement. Instead, he encourages employers to move from rules to principles. In his words “You cannot change behaviour by writing more rules”.

WiseWork services are delivered by Peter Thomson or by carefully selected Wisework Partners. They are all based on the WiseWork approach to managing people at work; designed to deliver high productivity coupled with high job satisfaction. The Advisory Services cover consulting, coaching and training at various levels in your organisation, from strategic workshops to routine training.

Whatever your interest in WiseWork, we are here to help. Click on one of the links above to to see more detail on what we have to offer.