WiseWork helps organisations keep up with the competition

Are you lagging behind other organisations in adopting new working practices? Are you losing talent to competitors because they are seen to be more modern? Is your organisational culture fit for the 21st Century?

Young people joining the workforce now expect employers to have a flexible approach to work. They have grown up with the internet and social media and assume that employers are making best use of technology in the way people are expected to work. Are you attracting these people or are they taking their talents elsewhere?

It’s not just the younger generation. Now there is a widespread expectation that work can be done at times and places that fit in with personal lives. Obviously this is true for people with caring responsibilities, but it is increasingly true for others as well. They expect to be trusted to get on with the job and be measured on results. They don’t expect to be chained to a desk when their work can be done using mobile technology.

Our experience with many clients shows that people are happier and more productive when they have freedom to choose how they work. It also shows that the biggest barrier is the organisational culture. It is not sufficient for senior management to pay lip-service to new ways of working, they have to change their behaviour as well.

Implementing WiseWork often involves a workshop with senior management to look at the prevailing culture and see where it needs to shift to create the right environment. We have tools that are used by our experienced consultants to challenge some of the entrenched opinions and behaviours and bring about change that is critical to success.

To find out more about how WiseWork can help you bring your organisational culture up to date and keep up with the competition, get in touch now by phone or email.