WiseWork improves productivity

Are your employees stressed out? Is productivity suffering? Are you keeping up with the competition?

Stress levels are increasing. The pace of work life has accelerated with the use of technology. It’s now on 24/7  and potentially taking over people’s lives.  Are your employees suffering from burnout?

By the time you find out it may be too late. Absenteeism levels may go up and people will leave to regain their quality of life. You may not notice the impact on efficiency of your operations for a while but eventually productivity will suffer.

The WiseWork approach to work design is to give people back control over their lives so they do not feel overwhelmed by ‘always-on’ technology. We work with you to identify management processes and behaviours that are causing problems and help you identify solutions.

This is achieved by training managers to reward people for outcomes and not for ‘presenteeism’. We run workshops and coach managers to give their staff responsibility for running their own work patterns and seeing how they respond positively.

To find out more about how WiseWork can help you improve the productivity of your workforce, get in touch now by phone or email.