Managing Home Workers – Manage by Output

We are living through an extraordinary period, having to find our way in uncharted waters. This is particularly true for managers who have suddenly found their employees are now all based at home and they themselves are also working from home. Fortunately some help is at hand. Here at Wisework we have been helping organisations to implement home working for the last 20 years. We have encouraged organisations to implement their flexible working in a planned way and not force…

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Homeworking challenges for managers

There’s quite a bit of advice going around for people working from home for the first time. They need to learn how to manage their time, motivate themselves, avoid boredom and get away from the interruptions. Managers also need to learn all this and more. They now have to work out how you communicate with people working at home. This is not just a temporary situation for a week or so and then it’s all back to normal. This is…

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The virus that did us a favour

We were all happily enjoying life, going to work, going on holiday, visiting friends, when all of a sudden the Coronavirus came along. Now we are ‘self isolating’ going into ‘lock-down’ and washing our hands ten times a day. We’ve stopped shaking hands,  we can’t go anywhere in crowds and the supermarkets have run out of loo roll. Stockmarkets are crashing on the assumption that economies are going to grind to a halt. If nobody can go to work any…

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