Why isn’t work a pleasure?

We too readily accept that work is something people don’t really want to do. We pay them ‘compensation’ for their time in order to bribe them away from things they’d rather be doing. What a strange way of designing the activity occupying the most waking hours for most adults. Why don’t we aim to make work so interesting, fascinating and rewarding that people would do it whether they are paid or not? Very little effort goes into work design. We…

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We need the older workers

The UK is running out of workers. According to the CIPD current employer plans suggest that we’ll need to fill 13.5 million job vacancies in the next ten years, but only 7 million young people will leave school and college. With fewer people entering the labour pool, it’s critical for employers to be able to embrace talent and fill roles. Andy Briggs, CEO of Aviva Life and the UK Government’s business champion for older workers has called for a million…

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