Taylor Review on Good Work makes sense

It’s good to see that the Taylor Review has taken a sensible view of the way work is evolving and is proposing that legislation should catch up with what is now happening in the real world. We have seen a rapid growth in non-standard working patterns and the introduction of ‘gig working’ using platforms such as Uber. This has resulted in confusion about the status of workers.  When are they ‘self employed’ versus being employees of some sort? The review…

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Age Discrimination

I think the emphasis is still too much on the ‘fairness’ issue, giving individual rights to be treated without discrimination. Employers shouldn’t need to be forced by legislation to consider older workers, they should be encouraged to recognise that there is a pool of highly talented and able people who would like to work and who would be highly productive. The problem is that older workers are often seen as more expensive than their younger colleagues. This comes from the…

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