Where are we more productive – Office or Home?

Almost every day we hear of yet another survey that ‘proves’ people are more productive when they are working from home, only to see other surveys that favour the office. It’s worth looking a bit closer at who is sponsoring or running the ‘research’ and how objective it really is. Recently, a survey of 5,500 ‘respondents’ concluded that 66% of professionals think they would be more productive working remotely rather than in a traditional office. Just 7% chose ‘The office…

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What is Good Work?

I’ve just posted this on a CIPD discussion forum on Good Work, so thought I’d repeat it here… It’s great to hear that the CIPD is championing Good Work and encouraging the HR profession to think more broadly about Work as a topic. Work is not just jobs and employment. Good work is not just engaging with employees and providing them with rewarding conditions of employment. Work is an activity carried out by people in order to produce a result.…

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Modern Working Practices need further reviews

The Taylor Review of Modern Working Practices has taken a fresh look at the way work is evolving and has come up with some sensible suggstions. It looked at non-standard working patterns and the introduction of ‘gig working’ using platforms such as Uber which has resulted in confusion about the status of workers.When are they ‘self employed’ versus being employees of some sort? The review goes part way to a solution by recommending a ‘dependent contractor’ category fitting between employees…

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