In a fast-moving world, no organisation wants to be saddled with a 25 year commitment to occupy a building, particularly if they just need standard office space. Now it’s possible to find a variety of space from drop-in centres, co-working spaces and hub through to permanent, long term, leased buildings.

An interesting new report about occupancy in London pointed out that many occupiers are now taking on a variety of arrangements, depending on their mix of needs. They are using serviced office suppliers as a way of providing flexible space without taking on long term commitments. As this report states “The agile, the flexible and the collaborative, are all contributing to irrevocable workplace change. Of course, without transparent insight into the ‘true’ occupation levels of serviced offices centres, it is impossible to be wholly accurate in terms of total absorption and ‘real’ occupancy numbers. A perfect example is Facebook’s decision to transfer staff into the entire 145,000 sq ft of WeWork’s 125 Shaftesbury Avenue, WC2, centre.”

Saving cost on occupancy has for a long time been seen as a benefit coming from flexible working. Now that the suppliers of office space have tailored their offerings to this market, organisations are going be able to save even more. This week it’s “O for Occupancy” in the WiseWork calendar to remind everyone of the revolution in the workplace that is happening around us.