Do you know what people say about your organisation? Does it have positive image amongst the public? Do you need to have the right image to attract the best talent?

Many organisations spend millions on creating a nice logo, running big marketing campaigns and creating an image for their products. Not many put the same effort in creating the right image in the labour market. It’s not much use having a great product in the eyes of consumers but a lousy image in the eyes of potential employees. You won’t manage to attract the talent you need to flourish.

It’s also not much help to work on the image as an employer if all you are doing is a ‘marketing’ exercise. You can have the fanciest recruitment adverts and the best stand at an exhibition, but if your work culture doesn’t meet peoples’ expectations you will fail. You might attract a few gullible people, but as soon as they find out what it’s really like to work for you, they will be off. Or worse still they will hang around and create a bad atmosphere amongst their colleagues.

Do you know what your employees say about you when they chat with their friends in the pub? Are they going to say what a great place it is to work, or are they going to have a good gripe about the way they are treated? Based on the engagement scores from surveys carried out by Gallup and others, most employees would be having a good moan. Now with social media, a reputation as a poor employer can spread rapidly.

Trusting people, giving them freedom, trusting them and treating them like adults will make them say positive things about their working experience. Using the WiseWork principles is one way to achieve this. Maybe you have suggestions for creating a lasting positive reputation among your potential workforce?