Yet another survey has shown that flexible workers are more effective than those working normal office hours. Research commissioned by the AAT (Association of Accounting Technicians) looked at the productivity of a group of workers who set their own hours or working location against a group of those who are not doing so.

Flexible workers said they felt they worked effectively for more of a typical working day than those working a traditional ‘nine-to-five’. A quarter said they work longer hours in their new flexi routine than they did when they were shackled to normal office hours, putting in an extra 6.7 hours more each week on average than they did when they were at their desks in the office. 15 per cent believe they are simply not as productive in a traditional working environment, and 21 per cent said they are ‘much more productive’ after moving to a flexible schedule.

The main benefits from flexible working were seen as; ‘Feeling happier’ (38%), ‘More time to spend with the family’ (36%) and ‘Feeling less stressed’ (35%). Half of flexible workers say they can never see themselves returning to a more traditional work routine. Three-quarters say they’d be reluctant to leave their current place of work, if a new one didn’t allow the same flexibility.

Commenting on the results Olivia Hill of AAT said “The UK works some of the longest hours compared to our European neighbours, however our productivity is lagging behind, flexible working results in not only happier but more productive employees. The business case for flexible working really does add up, but there will need to be a cultural shift for it to be embraced and imbedded more widely.” At Wisework we heartily agree.