Wisework Partners

Wisework Partners are individuals who have been selected by Peter Thomson to deliver advisory services using the WiseWork methodology.  They are licenced to use these tools as part of their own consulting, training and coaching services. They form a network of colleagues who share ideas and collaborate on client work, applying a broad cross-section of experience to improve business performance.

Alison Hunt

Alison is an experienced trainer, mentor and researcher.  She believes positive attitudes to flexible working by managers can remove barriers to work and increase diversity.  Line managers have a pivotal role in building a work environment of respect, empowerment and maintaining mental wellbeing.  She is concerned with promoting practical solutions which enable staff to thrive.  Alison is also interested in how privilege, power and voice play out in an organisation to the benefit or otherwise of minority groups.

Alison is passionate about inclusive education for all age groups and the associated confidence to access work and worked for many years in the higher education sector.

LinkedIn  https://www.linkedin.com/in/alisonnorahhunt162836138/

Jeremy Lewis

An experienced consultant, executive coach and facilitator, Jeremy specialises in collaborative workstyles, essential to the effective functioning of today’s and tomorrow’s flexible workplaces.  He has clients in local government, housing and higher education, and the private sector.  By enabling them to re-imagine the relationship they have with their work and organisation’s purpose, Jeremy helps people connect with the places in which they spend their working lives.  He helps organisations systematically design and embed better ways of working.  This often involves focusing on developing the leadership behaviours and working environment that encourage the right team culture to develop and allow people and organisations to thrive.

Website https://cmdeltaconsulting.com 

Liese Lord

Liese has a passion for enabling people to perform at their best – wherever, whenever and however they work. An experienced and qualified HR professional, culture and change consultant, coach, facilitator and strategist, Liese specialises in changing the way organisations and individuals work to develop more flexible, agile, collaborative and productive ways of working that connect with the business objectives and enable people to be their whole selves at work. She maximises catalyst events – employee engagement, wellbeing, EVP, diversity and inclusion and business need changes (real estate or cost) – to enable people to work at their best.

Website https://www.thelightbulbtree.com

Chris Ridgewell

Chris uses IT and communications to create and manage organisational change and agile working practices in public and private sector organisations. He considers impacts these changes have on people, teams and work. Chris evaluates existing working culture, roles and work design then implements more productive flexible work patterns better suited to the business and people. Internal communications informs other parts of the organisation about aims and progress, managing staff’s expectations. Chris works on “compliance” issues, eg. Health and Safety, information management and he coaches/mentors senior clients. His clients include local authorities, government agencies/departments and ITC businesses.

LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/chris-ridgewell-6799719/

Jill Scott

Jill is CEO/Managing Director of Flexible Work Solutions Limited, a small business that offers a range of practical tools to address workplace issues. The company focuses on managing diversity and promoting flexible/smart working.

Jill is a trained teacher, coach, mediator and auditor who is interested in the people aspects of smart/agile working. She believes that to take full advantage of the benefits of a smart working environment, organisations need to consider more than systems and technology.  She helps organisations to build a confident, skilled workforce that fully embraces the ethos that “work is what you do, not where you go”.

Website www.flexibleworksolutions.co.uk

Tony Wareing

With wide experience of organisation development projects in many sectors Tony is a highly effective facilitator with a reputation for getting results. He has led many successful consultancy and training projects to introduce smarter, more effective and flexible working practices in both the public and private sectors. He has worked with senior teams to help them link their actions to strategy and has facilitated large scale events to improve engagement and performance. Tony has a BSC in Engineering, is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development and is a master practitioner for the Margerison-McCann Team Management Systems.

LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/tony-wareing-39955337/

Chris Webber

Chris qualified as a Commercial Property Surveyor and has worked within a number of companies where property is a factor of production; judging its value on the contribution to the business as opposed to its monetary value. This leads to focus on how office occupancy can aid, or hinder, the productivity of the business in supporting its people in performing their task and how evolving approaches to work can be enhanced by the buildings and other spaces that house them. He has spent the last fifteen years working as an independent consultant, helping clients move from traditional to more ‘agile’ styles of occupancy.

LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/chris-webber-5891a32/