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Training Workshops

Consulting interventions frequently lead to the identification of training and development needs. Management and staff attitudes and skills are often cited as real barriers to the successful implementation of changes in working practices. Wisework can design interventions that are shown to work, to help people take full advantage of flexible ways of working and at the same time gaining higher levels of commitment, motivation and performance.

You will be able to use our track record of delivering really effective training and development to thousands of staff, either directly or by supporting your in-house professionals in creating the solution. Whether your training involves existing teams or mixed groups, we help them understand the values and vision for the new working environment and the actions they need to take to implement it.

Workshops are customised to your requirements. They are practical with short inputs, tips for success and ample opportunities to try out ideas and practice skills in a safe environment and a focus on action. Our aim is to create a strong bridge between delivery of business needs and the requirement to behave in different ways.

Typical themes that clients request include:

Senior strategy and top team workshops

to build the business case for new and flexible ways of working and identify the changes that are needed leading to an effective plan.

Building an effective culture at work.

This is often a burning issue and might involve understanding our model for a culture that supports effective flexible working and deciding how your organisation culture fits. This leads to tools and approaches to build a successful shared organisation culture and develop options for actions.

Skills and behaviours workshops for managers and staff, for example to:

  • Clarify management competences needed in the new working context
  • Identify areas for change
  • Explore the role of trust in creating a successful environment
  • Review what being a self-motivated and managed employee really means
  • Develop business and personal action plans

Facilitated team sessions are very powerful ways of accelerating the project and providing examples of success to share across the organisation. A skilled facilitator working with the team helps to develop clear ways of working and gain buy in and enthusiastic support.

Examples of what our training covers:

  • Performance management
  • Staff engagement
  • Team and culture building
  • Communication
  • Influencing
  • Change management

- - - - Case Study - - - -

Supporting TW3 – The Way We Work

At Hertfordshire County Council, we ran a series of training workshops for managers who would be moving to new campus offices.  These focused on the key skills required by managers to manage teams working at different times and in a variety of locations. Later, team workshops enabled staff to work together to identify problems, derive solutions and establish new working patterns and styles best suited to helping them achieve their operational, customer-focused and personal targets.  READ MORE

- - - - Case Study - - - -

Supporting a transformation programme

Bath and North East Somerset Council needed an experienced consultancy to design and deliver pilot training programmes for managers and HR staff to support their move to flexible working. We developed detailed workshop designs, supported by trainer notes to enable internal staff to take on the programme delivery.  The workshops were piloted in Children’s Services and developed plans to use flexible working to deliver substantial improvements in recruitment, client contact time, staff morale and use of technologies.  READ MORE

- - - - Case Study - - - -

Training in support of move to flexible eco-building

Sandwell MBC wanted to rationalise and modernise the existing office accommodation and a new building, Jack Judge House, designed to accommodate approximately 300 employees working flexibly was close to completion.  We were asked to support the move to Jack Judge House by helping to create a culture to enable new ways of working, ensuring the best impact for employees and customers.  READ MORE