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Do we really need amended Flexible Working Regulations?

How to ensure the whole organisation benefits from flexible working and the response to changes in the legislation are not just piecemeal.

Networking is for all

Employees in agile and dispersed organisations need to network to ensure they are up to date on developments, have access to the best projects and can manage their career.

Commuting misery pushes people to rethink outdated habits

At this time of the year it is not unusual to have some travel problems in the UK caused by bad weather. Over the last couple of years we have had enough snow to cause a few days of disruption on trains and roads but it’s soon been over. This year things look a bit different.

New Year - new approach to work?

At this time of year many people think about improving themselves and their life: eat healthier, take regular exercise, lose weight, spend more time with those we love, move house and get a better job.

Are your employees engaged?

The consultancy Blessing White regularly surveys 30,000 people across the world and measures levels of engagement from fully engaged to fully disengaged. The figures for Europe show that 31% are engaged and a further 24% are almost engaged.  But that means that just under half the workforce are not even ‘almost engaged’. Why is this?
An answer can be found in the details of their survey.

Welcome to the Wisework Blog

Weclome to the Wisework Blog. This is where the Wisework Directors, plus invited guests, will comment on topical issues. We are always keeping an eye on developments in the world of flexible and agile working and would like to share our views with others who have an interest in the subject.


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