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Partners and Associates

We are hearing more and more about the ‘Gig Economy’ and the rise of the self-employed. We are also seeing many traditional businesses slim down and rely on a ‘Contingent Workforce’ that they can call on when needed. This has resulted in a growth of networked organisations where people get together to provide work for a customer but are not employed in conventional jobs.

Wisework is one example of a small business that has always relied on working with others when needed. In the past there have been associates who have helped with various client contracts. Now the company is making that into a more permanent feature by building up a network of Partners and Associates who work closely with the three Directors.

Over the last year we have built up a close relationship with seven Partners who now form the core of the network, along with the Directors. They form the ‘inner circle’ and are able to deliver current Wisework services as well as contributing to the development of new products. Profiles of the existing partners are now on the website and we will be seeing guest blogs appear from them over the next year. 

We are also starting to build the ‘outer circle’ of Associates who will add their expertise to complement the core services from the company. These are people whose products and services contribute to the changing workplace but are not in the same consulting space as Wisework. They will also be joining the wider range of guest blog contributors to add to our coverage of new ways of working and their impact on organisations.