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Consultancy Solutions

From your first thoughts about using new ways of working to make your business more effective through to implementation of complete programmes Wisework can support you.

You'll get the optimum benefits quickly by supporting your senior managers to introduce new working practices as part of their business strategy, exploring feasibility and developing the business case. Robust implementation plans help you to deliver with a constant eye on achieving the business benefits. We often start with a “top team” workshop intended to clarify the intended direction, define the strategy and set out a route map to achieve what is needed.

Our approach to consulting is flexible and responsive. We want to help you achieve outstanding results for your organisation. No two organisations are identical so your needs for consultancy help will be unique, but might include some of the examples below:

Meeting the business needs

Helping you to put together the business case and strategic plan for flexible working; making sure your implementation meets your business needs including improving  employee engagement; evaluating and proving the business case.

Creating the culture

Making sure that the environment and climate of your organisation support new ways of working. Working with senior management to identify the desired culture and ensure working practices and management style reflect this.

Project management

Ensuring that the technology being implemented, the people using it and the facilities they occupy are planned together in an integrated way. Working with and supporting specialist functions such as  HR, IT and FM. We often facilitate cross functional teams to work effectively together to produce the best results.

Consulting and communicating with employees

Helping to understand employee needs, advising on the communications programme and running briefing sessions where appropriate.

Policy, procedure and practice

Ensuring that your flexible working and work-life balance policies reflect your intentions and meet legal and regulatory requirements. Helping you to implement new ways of working to gain maximum commitment from employees with minimum disruption to the business.


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Moving and changing

A consultancy project to support the introduction of the new, much more flexible ways of working required by a business relocation. There were demanding business drivers to improve recruitment and retention of staff as part of a strategy to enhance customer service and business productivity. It involved developing the project goals, producing a road map, benchmarking, advice on collaborative workspaces, senior management workshops and support for a team charged with developing and initiating a culture change. READ MORE

Our services are tailored to meet your specific individual requirements. There is no “one size fits all” solution because every organisation is different. Our consultancy can be focused on specific problem areas such as

  • improving business performance and efficiency
  • increasing the retention of your key staff and skill-sets.

By helping to develop and introduce new strategies, business plans and procedures we can help you to

  • increase productivity
  • improve customer service delivery

as well as

  • enhance the work-life balance of your staff

- - - - Case Study - - - -

Kickstarting a project with the top team

We helped the Senior Management Team at London Borough of Sutton to initiate plans to move to new, more flexible ways of working. A short, concentrated workshop led to plans to change culture, the identification of the best places to start and tangible benefits that could be achieved. READ MORE

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Audit of practice for an auditor

The National Audit Office recruits staff in competition with the major accountancy firms and needs to provide conditions of employment that allow it to attract and retain qualified staff. The NAO recognised that their approach to flexible working was not keeping up with changes in the market and invited Wisework to investigate and make recommendations.  READ MORE